As we work to meet the growing demand for food, Bunge is focusing on improving the sustainability of the entire production chain.

We are handling different feedstocks under one sustainability scheme with ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon certification), to supply feedstocks to different markets – energy (biofuels), food and feed.

By adopting ISCC scheme we are enhancing the sustainability of our value chains, respecting the highest sustainability principles and respecting Bunge’s philosophy “Act, Conserve and Engage”.

In our globalized economy, it is extremely important to understand which products are produced respecting sustainable principles and which are not.

Bunge Romania – Sustainability

Sustainability Principles

Sustainability Principles – Ecological Icon

Ecological sustainability

Sustainability Principles – Social Icon

Social sustainability

Sustainability Principles – Compliance Icon

Compliance with laws and international treaties

Sustainability Principles – Greenhouse Gas Icon

Monitoring the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Sustainability Principles – Management Icon

Good management practices


Certified under ISCC EU since 2011, the company has extended its sustainability certifications to ISCC Plus, enabling us not only to supply the biofuels market but also to deliver sustainable products to the food and feed market.

We were the first company to hold an ISCC Plus certificate.

Public Information SEVESO

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Public Information Environmental Agreement

More public information about the decision of issue the Environmental Agreement can be found here.
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