Our values have long been reflected in the way we work.
They are essential guides for every employee and standards by which we live.

Careers – Entrepreneurship Icon

Entrepreneurship makes change happen. It drives us to challenge conventional wisdom, question our assumptions, and, as a result, create new opportunities and continually improve.

For nearly two hundred years, Bunge has crossed oceans to bring the vision of entrepreneurs to life. We are a company in which small teams, acting on good ideas and through quick decisions and smart acquisitions, built a global agribusiness and food operation from scratch.

Careers – Teamwork Icon

Teamwork is essential because no single person has all the answers, and no one has cornered the market on good ideas. The most successful entrepreneurs, though competitive in spirit, work best when they work with others – sharing insights, combining efforts, and multiplying their strenghts.

Careers – Openness & Trust Icon

Teamwork requires openness and trust. We encourage free discussion and place trust in our colleagues. We value new ideas and opinions, even if they are counterintuitive, and expect to hear accurate information, even – or especially – if it is not good news. Confidence in our colleagues’ candour and ability builds trust that makes our team more effective.

Careers – Integrity Icon

Integrity is the foundation of everything we do. It means doing not just what is required, but what is right. It means acting ethically and fairly and fulfilling our promises to colleagues and customers.

Careers – Citizenship Icon

Our sense of citizenship extends to all stakeholders. We demonstrate concern for the well-being of individuals, and seek to improve the economic development and strenghten the social fabric of our communities. We also aim to be stewards of the environment, using resources efficiently and responsibly.



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